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Celebrating #InternationalVolunteersDay and Meme Contest Success By Helen Chan, IFLA CPDWL Section Chair

Celebrating Meme Contest WinnersCelebrating Volunteerism and Creativity in Librarianship

As we mark #InternationalVolunteersDay on December 5, 2023, we at the IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) Section, along with the New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG), extend our warmest regards and gratitude to our dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers are the backbone of our collective efforts, contributing to our library associations with innovative programs and invaluable resources.

A Tribute to Our Meme Contest Winners

The recently concluded Meme Contest was a resounding success, thanks to the creativity and enthusiasm of participants from around the globe. Congratulations to all who took part!

Applause for the Winners

We extend our heartiest congratulations to the top three memes that won our community’s hearts. Each winner has been awarded an eCertificate, meticulously designed by CPDWL Standing Committee Member Elena Corradini.

Here are the victors who managed to both amuse and enlighten us:

Mohamed Sherif Mahmoud (Egypt)

Hamid Sana (Pakistan)

Cat-aloging Napping my way past p.eriodical publications









Sywar Ayachi (Tunisia)

Gratitude to Our Jury and Advisors

A special thank you to our dedicated CPDWL jury members, a truly global panel that faced the challenging task of selecting the best from the best. Your discernment and commitment are greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, we thank the CPDWL advisors who participated in the voting process:

Ray Pun
Ulrike Lang
Monica Ertel
Edward Junhao Lim
Loida Garcia-Febo

Acknowledgement to Standing Committee Members and Volunteers

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the CPDWL Standing Committee Members:

Helen Chan (Chair)
Jorun Systad (Secretary)
Joan Weeks (Information Coordinator)
Heba Ismail
Anne Reddacliff
Carmen Lei
Svetlana Gorokhova
Julia Gelfand

And a special mention to our volunteer:

Calista KY Lam

Join Us for Future Events

Your participation and contributions as IFLA volunteers empower our profession and create a vibrant community. We eagerly look forward to your involvement in the upcoming events brought to you by the IFLA’s CPDWL Section. Let’s continue to inspire and be inspired!

Thank you all once again for making a difference!

Winners of CPDWL+NPSIG Library Meme Contest …

Congrats to all who created and sent memes from Dec 4-6! We are incredibly happy with the participation! CPDWL jury members voted for their top memes. Top 3 winners will receive prizes from Skilltype, an LIS professional development tool!

Honorable Mentions: Memes #3 and #15

librarian's nightmare

Creator: Diego Ariel Vega, Head of Department of Standards and Procedures,Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina


successful cpd needs diverse teams in libraries

Creator: Ulrike Lang, CPDWL Co-Chair, Germany


Here are our top three voted memes…


In third place: Meme #13

omg it looks amazing, i should organize books by their color. also me: no no no, you're a librarian, you should classify your books by subject.

Creator: Elif Öztop, Master Student in Ankara University, Turkey


In second place: Meme #5

every book is a world, find yours in your library

Creator: Diego Ariel Vega, Head of Department of Standards and Procedures,Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina


In first place: Meme #1

not even the pandemic will separate us

Creator: Roxana Dinu, Librarian, National Library of Romania


Congrats to all! More information about their work will come in our January 2021 newsletter! Stay tuned!

Thanks to our CPDWL jury members, a global jury, who had to make tough decisions!

Loida Garcia-Febo
Edward Lim
Sandy Hirsh
Monica Ertel
Catharina Isberg
Sara Ulloa
Svetlana Gorokhova
Rajen Munoo
Carmen Lei
Almuth Gastinger
Wanda Kay Brown
Juanita Jara de Súmar
Heba Mohamed Ismail
Chinwe Anunobi
Claudiane Weber
Micle Maria
Ivana Todorovic
Daria Beliakova
Gill Hallam