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Communication on an international arena

As part of IFLA, all of us are communicating on an international arena. This is not always an easy task, since we all live in different environments which have an impact on our communication. Impact which is so deeply integrated in us so we don’t even notice it. One issue in our […]

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Resolution Timing of IFLA Venue Announcement

For those of you who missed the PC blog message: After our demand at the leadership brief this year in Helsinki, the PC  agreed to recommend a change in timing to the Governing Board.  In consultation with National Organizing Committees, the GB, and the PC, will find a way to […]

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by Sylvia Piggott  As usual, CPDWL had a full programme starting with the Satellite Conference in Tampere chaired by Susan Schnuer and Anne Letho.  A full report is available in the CPDWL Blog on  the IFLA site.   The Helsinki programme chaired by Sylvia Piggott was titled Libraries and librarians […]

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2nd #ifladial tweetchat: instructions

Date and time of the tweetchat: Saturday 8 September, 5 pm – 6 pm UTC (GMT) – see corresponding times zones below Hello everyone, last week, we had the first #IFLAdial tweetchat that alreadyraised a lot of interesting points. Those of you who could not make it last time are very welcome […]

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CPDWL is twittering

The CPDWL section is now taking one more step into social media as we have started our own twitter account. We’ll be active on different conferences and other events. Follow us on @IFLACPDWL Do you want to twitter? Just let us know!  

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IFLA Dialogue

Opening statement from the IFLADIAL Working Group On Saturday, August 11, at the very start of the IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2012 in Helsinki, all Section officers – including Special Interest Groups’ Convenors – were invited to the Leadership Brief arranged by the Professional Committee (PC). There was […]

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