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Taking Charge of Your Career/ Jump Starting Your Career

Topic Moderator: Loida Garcia-Febo

President, Information New Wave. At IFLA: Member, CPDWL and Expert Resource Person, FAIFE. Incoming member of the IFLA Governing Board.

Jump starting career. Learn how to maximize your investment in your personal development. 10 essential education and career resources to help you strategize powerful moves. Join our discussion of a practical shortlist of resources to help you start making connections to continue moving forward. Host: Loida Garcia Febo

How to Invest in Your Career

Invest in understanding yourself better and developing your goals, plans, professional skills, knowledge, career management skills, networks, and your personal brand and profile. Do it yourself, or pay experts to do it for you.


Try thinking, planning, self-assessment tools, goal development, reading, consulting experts, getting coached, taking courses, upgrading or acquiring skills, and proactively marketing yourself. Recognize that investing in yourself often requires that you don’t play it safe.




10 essential education and career resources to help you strategize powerful moves


1. Direction: Plan well, and plan early

2. SWOT analysis: SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities and Threats

3. Networking: do’s and don’t

4. Financial knowledge

5. Build your digital footprint

6. Managing various career stages

7. Be a mentor

8. Balance work and life

9. Overcome challenges

10. Be creative, keep moving forward


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