IFLA Elections 2023 Results – CPDWL Section

Source: https://cdn.ifla.org/wp-content/uploads/ifla-elections-2023-results-sections_2023-05-01.pdf#page5

Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (fourteen places)
To serve August 2023-August 2027

1. Heba Ismail (Egypt)
2. Carmen Lei (China)
3. Anne Reddacliff (Australia)
4. Simona Bursasiu (Romania)
5. Florian Forestier (France)
6. Jorun Systad (Norway)
7. Susan Cherono (Kenya)
8. Joan Weeks (United States of America)
9. Julia Gelfand (United States of America)
10. Mitsuhiro Oda (Japan)
11. Man Yi Helen Chan (China)
12. Mingyan Li (United States of America)
13. Svetlana Gorokhova (Russian Federation)
14. Tao Yang (China)

Congratulations to all, and thank you for your service!