#LibraryTwitter – What to look up?

twitter on phone

Twitter, a social media networking tool, has been on the news a lot lately. If you don’t have an account or thinking of starting one, check out Twitter and how it might enhance your learning in the field.

New to twitter? It is an opportunity for you to engage with a global profession through this social media tool!

Watch this short video on how to start twitter account. Be sure to follow up at @iflacpdwl to find the latest trends and updates coming from our section and section members.

This blog post will highlight the hashtags that you’ll want to follow and search to learn more on what others in the field are discussing:


#libraries / #library

#critcat (learn more about #critcat here: https://critcat.org/)

#LISMentalHealth (learn more about #LISMentalHealth here: https://lismentalhealth.org/)

#critlib (learn more about #critlib here: http://critlib.org/)

There are many hashtags to search but these hashtags will show many conversations about the field in areas. Have fun reading and tweeting!