#CPDWLChat Twitter Conversation Archive

Missed the recent #CPDWLChat on Twitter? Catch it here to see what was discussed!

Here were our questions:

Q1 How do you maintain continuing professional development in LIS or in your workplace at the moment?

Q2 Who has influenced you to become a librarian, and how did they influence you?

Q3 Can you share an LIS trend in your library/country/region? #CPDWLChat

Q4 How important is the applicant’s ‘web presence’ (e.g. LinkedIn, personal website, etc.) in the job process?

Q5 Can you share with us what are some important skills needed in LIS field today?

Q6 What are some tips for early career librarians or students to receive mentorship?

Q7 What advice do you have for librarians interested in serving as coaches for early career librarians or students?

Q8. What strategies can you share with folks who want to get involved in IFLA but don’t know where to start?

Q9. Can you share with us the pd course you have taken during this quarantine?