Monthly Archive for April, 2020


I love reading PUBLIB one of the OCLC discussion lists (listservs)[1] that includes more than 9,000 public librarians from around the world with whom you can share your successes, questions and problems. One of the messages that capture my attention was from Dr. Ruth V. Small, ENABLE project Director talking […]

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Coaching goes online!

The work group for the IFLA Coaching Initiative run by CPDWL and M&M has met and decided to take the coaching to the digital sphere. Since the WLIC in Dublin is cancelled, the work group aims at offering online coaching of some kind, instead of the session planned for WLIC. […]

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The worldwide reach of CPDWL

In these challenging times where we see many people in self-isolation across the globe, the value of meaningful connection has become increasingly important. The CPDWL Standing Committee (SC) is a great example of professional connection, with members sharing their deep interest in and commitment to the opportunities for ongoing learning […]

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