The worldwide reach of CPDWL

In these challenging times where we see many people in self-isolation across the globe, the value of meaningful connection has become increasingly important. The CPDWL Standing Committee (SC) is a great example of professional connection, with members sharing their deep interest in and commitment to the opportunities for ongoing learning and development for all LIS professionals. The CPDWL SC family encompasses the elected SC members, invited corresponding members and former SC members who continue to contribute to the work of the section as consultants.

In 2019, our goal was to extend the reach of the SC to ensure that we had representatives from all continents of the world. To highlight the success of this initiative, we have created a map which documents the current distribution of our members: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia. We are spread across twenty different countries, we speak a multitude of languages, and we work in all sectors of the library profession: national and state libraries, public libraries, academic libraries, school libraries, cultural institutions, government agencies, professional associations and university faculties.








So, at a time when people may be feeling very alone and isolated, we are inspired by the rich diversity of this wonderful group of colleagues and friends who are connected, engaged and keen to build the capacity of LIS professionals, wherever they might be.

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