Monthly Archive for August, 2019

Wellness for Library Workers By Loida Garcia-Febo

During my National Library Tour, while I Presided the American Library Association (ALA), I met many dedicated library workers experiencing stress and anxiety brought by daily life and in their workplace with library patrons and coworkers. As a woman with deep interests in mental and physical health, and overall well-being […]

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New Resources for Library Advocacy by Loida Garcia-Febo

Each librarian is an advocate. Each library worker is an advocate. Library associations like IFLA and ALA, and library schools have developed a myriad of materials, including courses, to help library advocates continue advocating to keep libraries open, funded and equipped. As we know, programs and services provided by libraries […]

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CPDWL Programmes Schedule for WLIC 2019

Our programme schedule for WLIC 2019 in Athens is listed here! For more information and description about these programs, please read the latest CPDWL Newsletter (June 2019).  We hope you can join us!

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