IFLA CPDWL’s Video: Our Brief Dynamic Story is now LIVE!


Curious what CPDWL Section has done to receive the inaugural IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award in 2018?  Watch our 1-minute video covering the impact of our section to the library and information professional community!

Thanks to CPDWL members (Juanita Jara de Sumar, Heba Mohamed, Constance Lehro Koui, Svetlana Gorokhova, Ulrike Lang, and Carmen Lei) and Dorja Munčnjak (from the Croatian Library Association) for translations help.

The YouTube video has subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Russian, (Simplified) Chinese, Arabic, German and Croatian. (You can click on the gear icon on the bottom right of the video to switch subtitles.)

You can also see the video in Adobe Spark.