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July 16 – New Librarians Global Connection, free quarterly webinar

Dear colleagues:
We are proud to present  the 2013 webinar series
“New Librarians Global Connection: best practices, models and recommendations.”
For the second consecutive year, IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group are partnering with the American Library Association to present a series of free quarterly webinars on issues of interest to new librarians, library associations and library schools, library-decision makers, and all library workers. This is a great opportunity for membership participation via new worldwide online programming.
Following our tradition of excellence, this year our keynote speakers for each of our quarterly sessions come from different regions of the world. They include IFLA Incoming President, Sinikka Sipilä, and the President of the Library Association of Singapore, Gene Tan.
Below, the date and time of the next webinar. Save the date!
July 16, 2013
2:00 p.m. CDT
3:00 p.m. EDT
9:00 p.m. CET
Link to access the virtual meeting room – coming soon.
Webinar length is one hour.
Keynote by  Barbara Jones, Director, Office for Intellectual Freedom at the American Library Association. Keynote topics: Intellectual freedom and librarians, why IF is important for librarians, recent initiatives and issues.
Eva Hornung, Ph.D., Librarian at CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit in Dublin, Ireland. Topic: continuing development of solo librarians.
Another speaker, TBC.
The topics for the webinars were compiled from surveys, Proceedings from CPDWL Satellite Conference for WLIC 2012, topics presented by speakers during the NPSIG and MLAs program at the WLIC 2012 in Helsinki, NPSIG working group, and new librarians’ forums, listservs and online spaces.
The quarterly webinars are presented in January, April, July and October.Stay tuned for more news!
The webinars are archived, therefore you can join them, ask questions and participate in conversations with international colleagues live, or you can listen to them later, anywhere at any time. For more information about the 2012 series and to listen to the webinars from January and April 2013, visit the following link
Questions and requests for information:
Loida Garcia-Febo
Series Coordinator

June issue of the CPDWL newsletter

The June issue of the CPDWL newsletter is now published. Read some news about the CPDWL sessions in Singapore and other interesting news!

Standing Committee Officers and Responsibilities …………………………. 2

Letter from the co-Chairs …………………………………………………… 5

A thank you note /Ulrike Lang ……………………………………………………… 7

Susan Schnuer awarded the John Ames Humphry OCLC Forest Press Award 8

CPDWL Membership Statistics …………………………………. ………. 8

Introducing the new Standing Committee members …………………… 9

CPDWL Conference programme for the Singapore Congress ……….. 12

From the Information Coordinator / Catharina Isberg…………………… 13

New Librarians Global Connection: best practices, models and recommendations 13

Book tip / Catharina Isberg …………………………………………………………. 14

CPDWL workshop: Taking Charge of your Career

CPDWL Workshop in Singapore: Taking Charge of your Career

Taking Charge of Your Career

IFLA WLIC, Singapore 2013
Wednesday Aug 21, 11.45-13.45

See new brochure designed by Catharina Isberg, below. Also, kindly distribute to your lists and social media!


I am also linking to a blog entry from Ulrike Lang describing the workshop:

CPDWL is happy to welcome you to the roundtable session Taking charge of your career in Singapore during the IFLA Conference.

We`ll start with the lecture Competence wheel: strategic, personal, communicative and professional technical skills, presented by Catharina Isberg, Communication coordinator of CPDWL.

The tables will give attention to:

1. Intercultural competencies for the international floor.  How to behave and react with international counterparts?  Intercultural competence doesn`t mean to resolve differentess but to use it.  We will discuss different behaviours, gestures etc. Host: Ulrike Lang

2. What to do to be published, whom to contact.   Publishing can take many forms – for example blogging, writing book reviews or conference reports, and presenting conference papers. This table will showcase some IFLA options which increase the reach of your work – writing for IFLA and Emerald journals and books. Host: Eileen Breen

3. How to prepare your papers to be published. Publishing papers can advance your career: Learn strategies for getting your interesting results and important best practices published.  This table will cover how you identify the right publication, write for your audience, and present your content for publication. Host: Sandy Hirsh

4. Gap analysis (Self managed career).   As the self-managed career is replacing the traditional career, librarians need to take contol of their own destinies.  Learn tips and techniques for planning the career that you want. Host: Margaret Law

5. Personal skills and competencies. Personal skills are the foundation in leadership as well as in employeeship, where you lead yourself in your daily work. In order to understand other people, you need to understand yourself and your actions. Host: Catharina Isberg

6. How to connect: using social media. Social media – looking at strategies to use social media to continue your professional development or how to manage your own social media profile to enhance your career. Using different social media to network with others in our profession or with our clients. Host: Anne Lehto

7. Internationalizing your career.  Getting the international into your career: hear about strategies for developing cross-cultural competencies and multicultural awareness. Host: Susan Schnuer

8. Alternative career.  Librarians possess many transferrable skills that can be used outside of a traditional library. How do you identify them? What types of jobs are possible? How does one find and obtain these jobs?  Host: Monica Ertel

9. Jump starting career. Learn how to maximize your investment in your personal development. 10 essential education and career resources to help you strategize powerful moves. Join our discussion of a practical shortlist of resources to help you start making connections to continue moving forward. Host: Loida Garcia Febo

10. Professional ethics.  At the library workplace we are challenged by ethical dilemmas quite often. Main issues are free access to information/censorship, privacy, equitable services for everyone… How do you become aware that you are facing a dilemma? How do you treat ethical conflicts? How can professional ethics help you to solve an ethical conflict?  Host: Hermann Roesch


Former CPDWL Chair Susan Schnuer will receive the John Ames Humphry OCLC Forest Press Award

Susan Schnuer, former Chair of the CPDWL Section will receive the John Ames Humphry OCLC Forest Press Award in recognition of significant contributions to international librarianship.

 The award is given by the American Library Association International Relations Committee.

You can learn more about the award at

 Susan will receive the award during the ALA annual conference in Chicago later this month.

The CPDWL Section would like to congratulate sincerly for this much deserved award.