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Libraries around the world completely dedicated to women!

Access to information and culture is crucial to all human beings, especially often-marginalised groups such as women and girls. Libraries around the globe empower women, bridge the education gap and improve women’s health, welfare and position in society. 8 March is International Women’s Day – a celebration of womanhood but […]

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The 10-Minute Library Advocate #8: Think of a Partner You Can Work With

No library is an island! Your library is an important part of the community you serve. And within that community there should be other people or groups who understand what you do and support you. This is the case, whether you’re in a public or community library serving a local […]

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Canadian Flu? The Doctor will See You Now

Debates around fair use and fair dealing are often fierce. For some, they mark a step away from old certainties and bring new and unwanted risks. For others, they are a means of reducing the rigidity of strict, code-based legal systems that risk harming libraries’ ability to serve their users. […]

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The 10-Minute Library Advocate #7: Define A Long-Term Goal for your Library

If you want to move forwards, you first need to know where forwards is. In order to ensure that the time and effort that you put into advocacy for your library is well used, it’s important to have an idea of your long-term goal. It should provide a guide to […]

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