What does ChatGPT think about CPDWL and the Standing Committee Members?

You may have read our a past blog post focusing on ChatGPT and generative artificial intelligence tools in libraries and in this blog post, we’ll showcase how this tool describes CPDWL and its members using one word! Inspired by IFLA President-elect 2022-2023 Vicki McDonald’s podcast conversation with Dr. GIll Hallam, if we were to use ChatGPT to describe us in one word, what would it be? Dr. Heba Ismail started this idea to promote our characteristics!

We asked ChatGPT, please describe us using one word only.  Here are the results:

IFLA CPDWL Standing Committee: Leadership

Ulrike Lang: Knowledgeable

Almuth Gastinger: Dedicated

Edward Junhao Lim: Enthusiastic

Alan Brine: Experienced

Carmen Ka Man Lei: Innovative

Claudiane Weber: Passionate

Constance Lehro Koui: Motivated

Daria Beliakova: Resourceful

Elena Corradini: Diligent

Gillian Hallam: Enthusiastic

Heba Ismail: Diligent

Ivana Todorovic: Committed

Jarkko Rikkilä: Progressive

Mantra Roy: Adaptable

Mitsuhiro Oda: Scholarly

Nyakundi James Nyambane: Empowering

Rajen Munoo: Dynamic

Raymond Pun: Enthusiastic

Tina Haglund: Inspirational

IFLA: Collaborative