H22 City Expo in Helsingborg, Sweden

by Tina Haglund

For 35 days there is a buzz in the city of Helsingborg, Sweden. Between the 30th of May and the 3rd of July, Helsingborg City invites inhabitants, employees, and visitors to explore H22 City Expo. The overall theme for H22 is innovation for a smarter and more sustainable city. Within the theme, there is something for all ages and tastes – housing and design, national and international conferences, food and culture, entertainment, and family activities.

The H stands for Helsingborg. 22 alludes to the year 2022 when the city fair H22 City Expo will be held. H22 is also a nod to the previous fairs H55 and H99, even though they were more limited fairs. The city’s work with H22 consists of two parts: 1. A city-wide investment in innovation. It is about the journey itself towards a smarter and more sustainable city. 2. H22 City Expo – A stop where light is spread on everything that has been achieved until 2022.

During the past years, employees in the city of Helsingborg have had the opportunity to explore and apply for funds for testing new ideas and innovations. The public library of Helsingborg is for example working with co-creating with citizens to find out the needs and ideas in a new (and rebuilt) library in 2026. The results of this work so far are presented during various talks and presentations under these 35 days.

Employees can work as volunteers during the H22 and we can also take part and participate in different events to improve our skills and to get inspired.

Here are some of the things I´ve visited:

  • OPS! Sounds of Helsingborg. What does a city sound like? Sensors are collecting various data and create ambient music out of changes in the weather (wind strength, temperature, and light) by IoT.
  • Welcome home to 1972. An apartment is recreated as in 1972 in an area built in the same age. To understand the future you need to understand the past. In a combination with AR, you can also see the people who lived in the apartment.
  • Outdoor offices at Fredriksdals outdoor Museum. By providing outdoor workplaces as a way of promoting health and quality of life as well as sustainability and flexibility in working life. There are different diversified solutions with stationary and mobile outdoor offices with solar cells to cover the needs of wifi and electricity.

If you want to read more about all the things that happen, you find more info here: www.h22cityexpo.se

The event’s program content is arranged by administrations, companies, and H22 Partners – that is, companies, academia, and organizations that have chosen to become partners with the City of Helsingborg and H22.