Monthly Archives: April 2022

An opportunity for a certificate in Research Data Management in Germany

Written by Almuth Gastinger & Ulrike Lang.

Since 2021 the Technische Hochschule Köln (University of Applied Sciences in Cologne) has been offering a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course to get a certificate in Research Data Management (RDM).

This blended learning course targets employees from educational and research institutions, academic libraries, and other research-related organisations. It lasts 10 months and offers the following nine modules:

  1. Basic principles of RDM
  2. Open Science & legal aspects
  3. Research, research data and RDM in various subject areas
  4. Hacking & experimenting with data
  5. Managing & sharing (meta) data
  6. Technical infrastructure
  7. Data management & project management in research
  8. RDM education and guidance
  9. Project module

Participants must take the three basic modules (1-3) and four of the five advanced/supplementary modules (4-9). The second course will start in August 2022, and the registration deadline is on the 29th of April. Unfortunately, the course will be in German only, and there are other entry requirements.

But even if you cannot participate, some of you might be interested in the content and details of this course. The description of the specific modules and other information is in German only, but a Machine Translated version by Google to English should help out if you don’t understand the language ????