IFLA Coach Training Series

Welcome to the IFLA Coach Training Series designed especially for IFLA volunteer coaches. The IFLA Coaching Initiative is a collaboration between the Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and Management and Marketing sections of IFLA. The positive evaluations and experiences from the last two years’ coaching sessions at World Library and Information Congress have demonstrated a clear need and demand for continued support and expansion of the IFLA Coaching Initiative.

The IFLA Coaching Initiative matches volunteer coaches with congress participants who are interested in developing their careers, tackling challenging situations, and realizing their goals through the process of coaching. During the coaching conversation the participants also learn how getting involved with the work of IFLA can help expand their career and professional development opportunities.

The IFLA Coaching Initiative Committee is thrilled that you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to provide coaching at this year’s World Library and Information Congress. We’re excited about your participation and are here to help you develop your coaching skills. We want you to feel confident in your ability to coach others during the congress.

The IFLA Coach Training Series consists of 5 recording training presentations which will introduce you to the coaching mindset and process and help you develop your coaching skills. The recordings are delivered in English, while the presentations slides and handouts have been made available in the official IFLA languages.

Live webinars will be offered in late June and early August where individuals can ask questions and get clarification on any of the concepts presented in the recorded training presentations. By the end of the training series you should feel that you have the tools and confidence to lead a 20-minute coaching conversation with a participant at this year’s World Library Information Congress.

The IFLA Coach Training Series has been created by IFLA Management & Marketing member Vera Keown. Vera is an associate university librarian at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is a certified leadership coach, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Vera offers one-on-one coaching to managers, leaders, and executives of all levels for leadership and performance development, and delivers coach training to organizations.

IFLA Coach Training: 1A – Introduction to Coaching

Learning Objectives:

  • Define coaching
  • Identify the types of challenges that coaching can address
  • Give examples of the differences between managing, mentoring, counseling, and coaching
  • Compare telling versus asking questioning styles

IFLA Coach Training: 1B – Coaching Principles, Mindset, & Roles

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the principles of coaching
  • Explain both the coach’s and client’s roles
  • Recognize attributes needed to be an effective coach

IFLA Coach Training: 1C – Coaching Process & Session Guide

Learning Objectives:

  • We will look at the steps in the coaching process
  • Explain the purpose of each step in the coaching process
  • See examples of questions to ask in each of the steps of the coaching process

IFLA Coach Training: 1D – Asking Questions

Learning Objectives:

  • Define open and closed questioning styles
  • Explain the advantages of open questioning style in coaching
  • Restate closed questions as open questions
  • Rephrase open-ended questions to maximize solution thinking

IFLA Coach Training: 1E – Listening & Providing Feedback

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply active listening and observation skills during coaching conversations
  • Identify personal filters that may get in the way of effective coaching
  • Identify the important elements of providing feedback during coaching conversations