WLIC 2013 Session: Libraries as Learning Organizations: how to nurture growth in our staff and our communities

Libraries as Learning Organizations: how to nurture growth in our staff and our communities

Presentations from 7 countries on Monday, August 19 from 9:30 to 12:45 in Room Summit 2

Conceptualising the learning organisation: Creating a maturity framework to develop a shared understanding of the library’s role in literacy and learning

Speakers: Gillian Hallam, Andrew Hiskens, Rebecca Ong ; Institution: National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA);City and Country: Melbourne,Australia

The relationships among individual, team and organizational learning in Taiwan’s university and college libraries

Speaker: Ti Yu; Institution: Jinwen Univ. of Science & Technology; City and Country:  New Taipei City, Taiwan

Academic libraries as learning organisations: The Romanian perspective

Speaker: Octavia-Luciana Madge; Institution: University of Bucharest; City and Country: Bucharest, Romania

Thanks for being awesome’: Using the learning organisation model to enhance client service

Speakers: Catherine  Clark, Bel Shilkin, Jill Benn, Merrilee Albatis, Roz Howard, Felicity Renner; Institution: The University of Western Australia; City and Country: Australia

A corporate climate for learning: Practices from the National Library Board, Singapore

Speakers: Yeo Zhe Benedict, Varshini P.Muthu, Idzhana Kailani; Institution: National Library Board of Singapore;  City and Country: Singapore

Share and learn: A recipe for learning

Speakers: Teemu Rauhala, Anki Mölläri, Harri Pikka, Elina Beekmann, Maritta Harjunpää; Institution: University of Tampere, School of Information Sciences; Helsinki Public Library; Kuovola Public Library; City and Country:  Tampere, Finland

Learning community as a model for cultivating teaching proficiencies among library instructors: A case study

Speakers: Lesley Moyo &  Jennifer Nardine; Institution: Virginia Tech; City and Country: Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Developing library professionals: The influence of communities of practice

Speakers: Shukriah Binti Haji Yon; Geeta Albert ; Institution: Penang Public Library Corporation; Knowledge Connections Inc. & Paradigm Systems &

City and Country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia