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Seeking Your Ideas on Bibliography!


The Bibliography Standing Committee would like to invite posts on topics related the use, management, and role of national bibliographies. We welcome posts from anyone interested; you do not need to be a member of the Standing Committee! Our goal is to have at least one post per month, and generate discussion.

We’d especially welcome posts on the papers presented at our IFLA WLIC session this past August, about the Best Practice document, and national libraries’ role in linked data, but additional ideas are highly encouraged.

If interested, please contact Rebecca Lubas to talk about your ideas and scheduling. Posts need not be long, just full of interesting ideas on bibliography!

Bibliography Section Communication Plan

The IFLA Bibliography Section Standing Committee wishes to strengthen communication between Standing Committee members, section members and hopefully a broader audience with an interest in bibliography issues. In support of this, the Standing Committee has prepared a communication plan that is now available at the Section’s website.

Carsten H. Andersen, Chair, IFLA Bibliography Section