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COMMUNIA’s campaign for a better European copyright reform – sign the petition

Copyright determines the extent to which a teacher may use, share or adapt any material made by someone else. Libraries, archives and museums provide informal education on their premises on a regular basis. However, many European countries’ legislation does not take account of cultural heritage institutions within their exceptions and […]

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Sci-Hub – Anger, Jealousy, Despair or a Call to Arms?

By Stephen Wyber, Policy and Research Officer at IFLA (stephen.wyber[at]ifla.org)   Sci-Hub is a free and open repository of some 50 million academic articles, almost all of which are copyrighted. It obtains its content, it appears, by using log-ins from people signed up to academic institutions. There is debate as […]

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Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – How to Keep a Promise

By Stephen Wyber, Policy and Research Officer at IFLA (stephen.wyber[at]ifla.org) For those of us who struggle with multi-tasking, having seventeen different goals at the same time seems like a lot. However, this is what all the UN’s membership committed to in December 2015. The Sustainable Development Goals cover a broad […]

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