Meet the candidates: Byong Joon Na

Byong Joon Na
Library Director
Chungnam Library

Republic of Korea

I have worked as a librarian in public libraries for the last 20 years.
I am currently the director of the Chungnam Library
I would like to spread my dreams and passion at IFLA  if I have an opportunity.
I will devote my best to the development of the public library.
In addition, I will continue to study for the better tomorrow of the IFLA Public Libraries Standing Committee.

To contribute sustainable development of IFLA, l would like to carry out the following activities as a member of the Public Library Section  with creative passion.

First, Contributes to the development of public libraries by carrying out various projects,

Second, Developed a standard manual for the operation of public libraries to disseminate them to libraries in member countries and provide the basis for library operations,

Third, I will develop an online community space for mutual cooperation and communication, which is a public library in the world,

Finally, I want to establish a network of libraries through cyber space to promote all public libraries in member countries.


For more information about voting for members of the Public Libraries Standing Committee take the time to read our post.

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