Meet the candidates: Hitomi Takeuchi

Hitomi Takeuchi

I worked in the National Diet Library, Japan. I worked several sections.  One of the section which were Japanese congress service section where I was in charge of making Diet Minutes database which is very useful for not only the diet member but also for all nation who want to know what kind discussion is going on, and who discuss what kind content and what is the hot issues in the diet and in the Japanese society.

Besides working in the National Diet Library, I teach several Universities about the reference services, the information retrieval and other library services.  To teach the library things is interesting for me to train and make  capable and empowering librarians.

I joined the standing committee of IFLA Public Library Section in 2002 in Puerto Rico Conference as my first term.  It was the wonderful experience to meet and discuss about the public library with the other countries librarians.  Completed my first term, I had been the correspondent member in the next term. This time is my second term of the standing committee.  Through my first term experience I could contribute not only to Japanese public library making useful but also I could do the other countries members especially Asian countries.

The end of February I will have a presentation about UNESCO Public Library Manifesto 1994 at the Japanese Public Library research conference which held every year. I’ll explain the Manifesto and its history. I know it is the fundamental document and how important it is.  If I could have the second term member of Public Library Section, I could flourish the spirit of Manifesto.

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