Meet the candidates: Adriana Cybelle Ferrari

Adriana Cybelle Ferrari
Brazilian Federation of Librarians’ Associations

I am a candidate for re-election (having served on the Standing Committee 2015-2019) and I would like to say that interaction at this moment with the Committee has been extremely enriching. I really wish to continue collaborating and learning, especially, to work with the revision of the Guidelines for Public Libraries, a project that is ongoing.

I was the coordinator of the projects – Biblioteca de São Paulo (launched in 2009 ) and Biblioteca Villa Lobos Park, (launched in 2015) which are considered references in promoting reading and citizenship. These libraries received national awards and were finalists of international awards.

I am the President of the Brazilian Federation of Librarians’ Associations (FEBAB) and for this reason, I strongly believe that at this political moment especially in Latin America, we must talk more about advocacy, spread the libraries´s work as a partners of  the 2030 Agenda. Is extremely important to make our voice reach out to decision makers! Libraries are being threatened and we can be an important advocated in defending this cause. The new Guidelines for Public Libraries will be an important tool for us!

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