Some cat content for my fellow librarians at Valentine’s Day <3

It might be a cliché: the (female) cat-loving librarian. But I admit: I am one of them. So I want to give to my fellow librarians who also confirm this cliché some cat content as a valentine.

A while ago I joined the Facebook group ALA Think Tank expecting to get into the most profound discussions and the best of the best practice for libraries. Although all of this might be true I came along a heartbreaking story which changed my daily life on Facebook providing me with the cutest cat content ever. Apparently on 11/14/14 a cat was found in the bookdrop of Cincinnati’s Main Library. It got the name Joan Didion the Cat. “She now resides happily with Steve, Cassie and Rio (the cat) Kemple.”, as her Facebook info says. Oh, and yes: she has a Facebook page indicating she likes Joan Didion and experimental music.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-14 um 07.05.53

As far as I understand Joan Didion the Cat lives with a librarian now, but there are plenty of cats living in libraries as well, there is even a map which shows who lives where.

If you want to see some more cat content you might want to have a look on a German blog of a cat loving librarian who has posted quite some cat stories and films on library cats. Have a nice Valentine’s Day!

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