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Congratulations to the Jiří Mahen Library in Brno, Czech Republic, represented by Libuše Nivnická
who have been awarded first place in the 12th IFLA International Marketing Award for 2014., for its innovative partnership program, Library in the Tram – Tram to the Library. We’re all particularly excited as Libuse is a valued member of the Public Libraries Standing Committee.

Working with Brno’s DP Public Transport company and an advertising agency, library staff transformed
tram cars into a brightly colored promotion for the library. Decorations and information are segregated
by target audiences depending on where people normally sit (e.g., strollers and children at the back, disabled
and elderly at the front, etc.). Texts and other information, such as book tips are regularly updated,
and riders can use Quick Response (QR) codes to sample library services, search the library catalog, or
read book excerpts of interest. Throughout the year, the library mounts thematic reading campaigns, and
library volunteers riding the tram give small gifts to reading passengers.

The tram design is reflected in the new visual style and promotional materials displayed throughout the library system. Reaching about 1,000 riders a day, the tram service is heavily promoted through web pages and social media. The program has attracted media and government attention and is a fine example of marketing that reaches people
as they go about their everyday business.

The winner receives a cash award of $2,000 and registration The winner receives a cash award of $2,000 and registration, airfare, lodging and other expenses to attend IFLA’s World Library and Information Congress in Lyon, France, in August 2014.

For more information on the awards and the other finalists check out the IFLA Management and Marketing site

One thought on “Library in the Tram – Tram to the Library

  1. Ros Dorsman

    Well done Libuse! What a great idea and the tram looks fabulous.
    I’m gping to have to add Brno to my travel list and make sure I’m reading on the tram.Might even start up a book group……
    Enjoy Lyon.

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