Library Value in the Developing World

SAGE is conducting a research study to investigate library value in the developing world. The project, Library Value in the Developing World, will investigate the value of academic libraries for teaching and research staff at twelve institutions selected from countries classified by the World Bank as low income and middle income economies (ie with a GNI less than $4035).

For further information about this project please contact Nell McCreadie, Group Marketing Manager, SAGE at

One thought on “Library Value in the Developing World

  1. Adah Edolo

    the world is evolving everyday, and so is the information world.So, the library has a very vital part to play in education, economics,government,civil service,aviation,social studies…etc. the world dies without information, therefore, electronics are now taking over the world as information comes in different forms. the storing of information materials in the library is improving as the day goes by, as e-libraries are being introduced to enable the free flow of information all around the world.

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