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Report from Wroclaw – Environmental Sustainability

Members of the Public Libraries Standing Committee are actively participating in the WLIC program in Wroclaw. Lo Claesson reports:

I was invited as a speaker at the session Libraries’ Commitment to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – Environmental Sustainability and Libraries SIG. It was an offsite meeting at the Center for Scientific and Technical Information in Wroclaw.

My  presentation was about The Green Corner at Vaggeryd Public Library. I gave a background to why we started it and also some examples of activities we do in connection to the information on sustainable development.

Our Green Corner is connected to the municipality’s environmental strategy and we partner with different actors in the municipality, for example schools, the environmental department and the recycling plant. We make exhibitions, have lectures and every year we take part in Earth Hour.We try to integrate the work with the Green Corner in most library work and I tried to show you can do this at a very low cost.

About 50 people attended and I got some interesting questions.

Check me out! Human libraries and unique circulating collections, from art to technology petting zoos

IFLA’s Section on Acquisition and Collection Development, Section on Metropolitan Libraries and Section on Public Libraries invite you to submit a proposal for their joint programme at the 83rd IFLA World Library and Information Congress to be held in Wrocław, Poland, 19-25 August 2017.

The Sections intend to explore a new trend in public libraries which is not very much known in the library professional community. This trend is related to libraries with circulating collections of musical instruments, kitchen tools, seeds, e-book devices, etc. Some even manage people with an interesting experience to share (“living books”).

We are seeking 6-7 short lightning talks (presentations of 6 minutes each), addressing the organizational details of storage, circulation, policies, critical issues, and discussing if these practices are consistent with the public libraries mission and produce important outcomes.

For more information visit the Congress website