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The ‘right to E-read’ campaign

Right to Read


EBLIDA (European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations) is inviting libraries to join the right to E-read Campaign.

The right to E-read Campaign is seeking to raise awareness about the obstacles faced by libraries in the digital environment. Access to digital content has become a sensitive issue in which libraries, their staff and users have a core role to play. In the recent Public consultation on EU Copyright rules,  EBLIDA calls for copyright legislation to keep up with changes brought about by the digital age and to open up new opportunities rather than limit innovation and access to information.

Under copyright issues lie fundamental questions about democracy, access to information and completion of a true knowledge society. The right to e-read campaign aims at raising awareness among librarians, politicians and users and advocating for rights in claiming that:

• Libraries want to provide users with the latest e-books as we do with printed books!

• Libraries want to buy e-books at fair prices and on reasonable terms!

• Libraries want authors to receive fair payment for the lending of e-books as they do for printed books by extending Public Lending Right to include the loan of e-books by public libraries!

• Libraries want all citizens – not just those who can afford it – to benefit from free access to e-books in public libraries!

The campaign sees European library associations and institutions united in demanding the provision of e-books by libraries all over Europe and calls on the EU Commission for a clear copyright law that enables libraries to fulfill their enduring mission into the 21st century of providing all EU citizens with access to the riches of human knowledge and imagination whether in the library, offsite or online.

A campaign poster with a logo and slogans have been developed and  translated into 18 languages (and counting). The campaign will be launched on 23rd of  April, the World Book and Copyright Day.