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Ecology, Education and Culture: Libraries as a Model

The Tunisian Federation of University Libraries “FEBUS” in collaboration with IFLA: Public Libraries Section

& Higher Institute of ISD Documentation University of Manouba

Ecology, Education and Culture: Libraries as a Model

Tunis – 21-22-23 June 2018

Call for Papers

 The Federation of University Libraries and Specialized Documentation and Information Services invites proposals for papers to be presented at its International Conference Ecology, Education and Culture: Libraries as a Model to be held in Tunis, Tunisia 21-23 June 2018.

 Main theme The Conference will showcase international best practice for environmentally sustainable libraries in educational and cultural institutions.

Audience The conference is targeted at Library and Information Professionals, Cultural institutions; Ecologists; Teachers and researchers, Students.

The issues dealt with by the conference

The Conference program will focus on the themes detailed below and proposals should reflect one of these:

  1. Sustainable Environment – the way in which libraries and resource centres can be more ecologically and socially responsible and help to establish an environmental culture, spaces that respect and support sustainable development
  2. Sustainable Resources -The consideration of the ecological dimension in the acquisition, monitoring and organization of documents;
  3. Sustainable Technologies -The consideration of the ecological dimension in the construction, renovation and maintenance of equipment: minimize the negative impact on the environment and maximize the ecological and economic benefits
  4. Sustainable Services – The consideration of the ecological dimension in the programming of cultural action and in partnership practice; The participation of users as a stakeholder in the life of the green library; The intergenerational transmission and its impacts on ecological awareness;

There are three ways to participate in the conference:

  1. Conferences, papers, studies, research, and reports related to the themes of environment and ecology in cultural institutions
  2. Demonstration of best practices, equipment and furniture used in ecological information services and a fair for environmental activities
  3. Training on ‘Pathways to Green Libraries: theory and practice’ working with librarians and archivists in ecological practices: awareness of environmental problems in their professions.



Proposal guidelines:

Proposals must be original work of author(s), address one or more of the sub-themes, written in English, French or Arabic, and include:

  1. Title of proposed paper:
  2. Name(s) of author(s).
  3. Author’s professional role and institutional affiliation, if any.
  4. Author’s e-mail address and telephone number (s).
  5. Abstract of the proposed paper; and
  6. Short professional profiles of presenter(s)

The proposal should not exceed 2 pages in 12 font



All proposals will be reviewed by a panel set up by the Committee. Discussions will be held with successful applicants concerning format and timing (Key notes of 30 minutes and 20 minutes for others)

Important deadlines:


20April 2018: Submission of abstract (max 2 pages in 12 font).
30 April 2018: Communication of acceptance or rejection of proposal.
30 May 2018: Submission of completed paper.(Max 10 pages 12 font)
15 May 2017: Submission of presentation slides.


Contacts Email: federation.but@gmail.com

Président de l’Association Médiation, Bibliothèque et Formation en France : wahed.wallouche@laposte.net