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Is Yours a Green Library?

We’ve had a request from a colleague, Petra Hauke in Berlin who is preparing a paper for the BOBCATSSS Conference 29th-31th January 2014 in Barcelona, Spain

Petra is giving a paper titled  Green Libraries Coming Up! National and international initiatives fostering environmental sustainable libraries and library services and has asked us to pose a few questions:

  • Are there any national Green Library initiatives in your country, e.g. by the national library association: a working group, round table, Green Libary policies etc.? –
  • Are there any regional/local Green Library initiatives, e.g. public or academic libraries going green? Regional/local Green Library networks?
  • Are there any institutions fostering the Green Library movement – e.g. library schools teaching “The Green Library”, library conferences going green etc.?
  • Are there any Green Library’s websites, journals, networks? – Are there any other Green Library initatives?

Petra is on a tight time frame and is looking for a quick response. She can be contacted at petra.hauke@hu-berlin.de