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Qiang Xu


Our fourth nominee Qiang Xu is from China. Here he shares his story.





Name: Qiang Xu
Institution: Shanghai Library & ISTIS(Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai)
Country: China

What experience will you bring to the role of Standing Committee Member?
My relevant expertise and interest is library management and digital services, which focuses on the patron’s service standardization, document reference service and digital reading services. For a five-year period, from 1991-1996, I was a full-time acquisition member at Shanghai Library, where I was responsible for science and technical books and materials procurement. When I moved to the system librarian for information technology department in 1996, which served as a staff of library integrated system and information management for the new library building. As a Director of System & Network Center, I worked for library IT department and digital library for nineteen years. From 2001-present, after researching and analyzing the change of library filed, my team and I activated to establish the “one card through” program, which goal is cooperated with all public libraries in Shanghai. There have been 256 libraries to join the library consortium, annual 66 million circulations, sharing more than 20 databases of electronic resources in the whole city. Due to this, my team was a winner of innovation awards by Ministry of Culture of China. It makes me has some new experiences and new research results in the field of library consortium management. From 2003-2011 I led the library to strengthen the program management of digital library and successfully overcoming challenge. Over the past decade, a large number of history documents were digitized, digital assets were being established, and long-term preservation of digital resources strategy was being implemented. Recently I am focusing on the e-book lending and digital reading program and reference service system as a Director of Reader’s Service Center since 2015. I also take part in to draft some library standards in China. Now I am a standing committee member of the branch of public library and library management in Library Society of China, also a standing committee member of Shanghai Computer Society.