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Network of Young Librarians in the Netherlands (YLN)







Guest Blogger: Tamar van Moolenbroek, product manager ProBiblio

March 2016, a town near Amsterdam. Two young librarians (26 years old) are eagerly anticipating fifteen young colleagues that enthusiastically responded to the proposal to get together. Would these colleagues recognise their ideas and the need for mutual contact?

The meeting in March

The meeting in March

What is YLN?
Half a year ago, we formed a network with around 75 young employees from the public library sector. This included all sorts of employees – from communication employees to education specialists – from all layers of the sector: locally, provincially and nationally.

Our interview with the Library Journal: “Young Librarians: amazed about the branch”

Our interview with the Library Journal:
“Young Librarians: amazed about the branch”


What does YLN intend?
We want to achieve several things with the network. Common thread is the promotion of contact between young librarians, because, strangely enough, this barely existed. With this contact we hope to enthuse and inspire for our profession. From this contact, several other objectives emerge, such as sharing knowledge, strengthen ties with organisations in the sector, get items on the agenda, support existing initiatives and come up with new ideas.


What does YLN do?
We took up the promotion of contact in a very concrete way: we are in daily contact with each other through a Facebook group or through our group on Biebtobieb (see also the blog by Levien den Boer). Furthermore, we meet several times a year during regional and national meetings. In summary: at least twice a year we go to the pub together, and at least twice a year we hold an substantive meeting.

Coming up with ideas together

Coming up with ideas together

... a lot of ideas!

… a lot of ideas!

As far as the other objectives go, there is still a lot in the making. We are discussing within our group and with the library sector to find out what more we can do. Some members write blogs to tell about their experiences, others join the substantive working group or the national communication team. Still other members are busy making an information package for colleagues that are new to the sector. In this way, we are not only growing in numbers, but also in activities!

A substantive meeting (September 2016): ‘lecture’ by Prof. Dr. Huysmans (University of Amsterdam)

A substantive meeting (September 2016): ‘lecture’ by Prof. Dr. Huysmans (University of Amsterdam)

Curious about our plans?


Through our website


we will keep you posted.

Corinne Hill – Librarian of the Year


Congratulations to Corinne Hill who has been named Library Journal’s 2014 Librarian of the Year. Corinne is Executive Director at the Chattanooga  Public Library in the US state of Tennessee and is also a member of the IFLA Public Libraries Standing Committee.

A former LJ ‘Mover and Shaker’ Corinne has been recognised for transforming the libraries of Hamilton County into the new Tennessee into the new and vibrant Chattanooga Public Library and for fostering a culture of change and innovation.

Corinne’s PLS colleagues are delighted for her and look forward to toasting to her success .