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Biebtobieb: sharing knowledge and ideas







Guest Blogger: Levien den Boer, moderator National Knowledge Sharing at Koninklijke Bibliotheek – National Library of the Netherlands.

Although there are of course differences between the various (public) libraries in the Netherlands, they face similar questions, challenges and needs. In order to prevent them from reinventing the wheel and foster the sharing and co-creation of knowledge and ideas, the online platform Biebtobieb was created. Biebtobieb offers employees of Dutch (public) libraries and relating fields an online environment within which they can cooperate, pose questions, gather information and share their knowledge. By connecting various libraries and librarians, we aim to (co-)create knowledge and expertise that are greater than the sum of their parts.

The essentials of the platform
Biebtobieb was created in 2012 by SIOB (an institute for public libraries that became a part of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in 2015) and SPN (the organ within which the provincial library organizations cooperate). It is an online innovation and knowledge sharing platform, built with open-source software Drupal, that features (to a certain extent) elements of social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Yammer. Once users have created a profile, they can follow other users, join groups (both public and private), within which they can cooperate with colleagues throughout the Netherlands, create events or post personal contributions. Groups are formed around either a theme (for instance: youth, library architecture or refugees), an event (for instance: the National Library Congress) or region in the Netherlands. An overview of recent messages posted by the persons or within the groups you follow is presented in the form of a personal timeline. Groups also have a separate timeline which only contains the messages posted or shared in that specific group. Users can comment on, like or share each message and tag colleagues. They receive notifications through the platform and can opt for additional notifications and digests via e-mail. To stimulate online cooperation the platform features a Google Docs integration.


  • Facts and figures
    Number of registered users (as of October 6, 2016):  4551.
  • Number of groups (as of October 6, 2016): 369 (129 public, 246 private).
  • Total number of logins in 2015: 28.858.
  • Total number of messages posted in 2015: 3189.
  • Total number of likes in 2015: 1201.
  • Total number of replies in 2015: 2165
  • Nominated for a Drupal Splash Award in 2014.


More information
The live version of the platform can be found at: http://www.biebtobieb.nl/ (registration is not limited to Dutch residents, so feel free to create an account).

Special showcase page created by the software developer (in Dutch): http://biebtobieb.merge.nl/ .

Drupal Splash Award nomination 2014 (in English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbFP8-MA7j0 .

E-mail: levien.denboer@kb.nl
Telephone: +31 70 314 0684
LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/leviendenboer .