Hello! From Japan

By Guest Blogger

Hitomi Takeuchi

When I came back to Japan from the Mid-term meeting of IFLA Public Libraries Section held in cold Den Helder, I was delighted to find Japan in real spring.  The cherry trees are now fully blooming and what a beautiful scenery they are creating. I have included some of the pictures of cherry blossom in Tokyo, which I took in Shinjuku Imperial Garden. There are full of cherry blossom and also full of people.

Scenes from Shinjuku Imperial Garden, Japan

National Diet Library

I would like to introduce my former working library named National Diet Library which is the National Library of Japan. When people look at the word Diet, they sometimes think it has something to do with food. No! No! It actually means a parliament or a Congress, like the Library of Congress in the US.

You can watch the DVD of National Diet Library by YouTube. Enjoy the DVD. If you have any question, don’t hesitate. Please ask me.