More to a library than ‘just books’ – Conference Report

PLS Member, Lo Claesson was one of the presenters at Check me out a one hour session at the WLIC 2017  developed by the Public Libraries Section together with Metropolitan Libraries and Acquisition and Collection Development. Here’s Lo’s report:

Lo and Anette talk about projects in Sweden

The session had four speakers from PLS : Jan Richards, incoming chair, who gave her top ten from a list of 113 things you could check art from the library, that wasn’t books.

Lo Claesson and Anette Mjöberg, new secretary, who presented some things you can  borrow at the library from a human right’s and environmental perspective.

Marian Morgan-Bindon, outgoing chair, showed different kinds of aids for children with special needs that parents could borrow from one library in Australia.

All presentations, not just ours from PLS, seemed to be appreciated as there were many questions. Especially about the electric bikes Hässleholm Public Library lent.

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