Cathryn Ferencz


Cathryn Ferencz has nominated for the Public Libraries Standing Committee. Cathryn hails from Geelong in Victoria, Australia.




Name: Cathryn Ferencz
Institution: Geelong Regional Library Corporation
Country: Australia

What experience will you bring to the role of Standing Committee Member?
I have chosen to work in public libraries because I believe the freedom to access a public library is essential for participation in all aspects of life. I am very proud to play a part in enabling social inclusion and contributing to the economic well-being of our communities by working for the provision of equal and unfettered access to knowledge, information and works of the imagination.

I do this by leading extraordinary teams of people in the development of collections in all formats, information services that provide lifelong learning opportunities, heritage services that preserve and provide access to the stories and treasures of our region and access to technology that enriches lives.

Our most recent project was the creation of the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre, an award winning library and cultural facility designed to meet the expectations of 21st century public library users by providing contemporary and innovative library and information services.

My role in this project was to develop, sponsor and strategically guide the implementation of the project plans for the collections, technology and integration of the Geelong Heritage Centre into Geelong Regional Libraries.

My name is Cathryn Ferencz (Cathy) and I am the Executive Manager, Collection and Technologies for Geelong Regional Library Corporation.