We Are All Readers, We Are All Artists. Sculpture and Reading in the Library Clarà De Barcelona


Author: Mont Sureda. Clarà Library Director. Consorci de Biblioteques de Barcelona

The Clara Library , located in the city of Barcelona has created a new centre of interest in sculpture, due to the origins of the building where it is located (old workshop and House of the noucentist sculptor Josep Clarà Ayats (Olot, Barcelona 1898-1958 and later Clara Museum) and at the beginning of the collaboration with the ICRE (Catalan Institute for Research in Sculpture) in the seminars of sculpture and temporary exhibitions of sculptural works in the library.

One of the sculptures there are now currently on display in the library is the READER, the Sitges ‘ artist Elvia Cor. The work is in the lobby and will be the image of this new centre of Catalan sculpture. You can see an image of the work here.
About this work emerged the project, WE are ALL readers, WE are ALL ARTISTS and is willing to make dissemination of the new center of interest and promote the art and reading.

On Monday, October 24, with the collaboration of the Literary Agency Sandra Bruna, were the sculptress  Elvia and the writers Victor Amela, recent Prize Ramon Llull, Francesc Miralles, Glòria Sabaté, Mari Carmen Conde and Begoña Garcia Carterón, who inaugurated the project, which involves placing a book of sculpture and leave another, so that the sculpture vary and become alive. The evolution of the work can be seen on social networks using the hashtag #ellectorcor.

he project will continue a stable time in the lobby of the library, where users of the library who would like to be able to bring a book and grab one another in turn, so that the work vary and become alive. For Friday December 16, there are plans to make a Christmas workshop where families will participate the writer and Illustrator Marta Blanch and the Illustrator Antonio Baza, that will make the exchange of books, inviting all attendees to participate.
WE ARE ALL READERS, WE ARE ALL ARTISTS is a project alive and travelling which expresses love for art and reading. Thanks to that the project was born of this Union between the sculpture and the books in a library, old Museum of a sculptor, we consider that a library or a museum are exceptional spaces to continue giving life to the reader. From here we invite those libraries that are interested in hosting this facility to contact the library Clarà. Give life to the READER!