Wide open: Read and read wide open/De Bat a Bat: Llegir i Llegir-se


Authors: Carla Canongia  and Marta Puig ( Xarxa de Biblioteques Municipals.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bibliotequesXBM/
Twitter: @bibliotequesxbm

Wide open: Read and read is a new resource designed to facilitate the work with young people from 12 to 16 years through picture books; a universe where art, literature and philosophy go hand in hand.

The DNA of the project are young people, reading, library, activities, participation, dialogue, listening, street art, thought, literature, picture books, experience, innovation.
The resource consists of 3 Bats (Author, Subject and Picture Books).

Bat01: that which is not seen (open what is to do, to think and to continue).
Bat02: what you say and do not say (all playing with words and pictures, we give meaning to the outside world and in yourself).
Bat03: the struggle (the struggle between oneself and the world).

The objectives of the project are:

  • To discover the picture books as an element of promotion and discovery of new forms of reading and writing
  • To develop the entrepreneurial spirit, participation, critical thinking in young people
  • To promote strategies of work/promotion focused on direct participation, dialogue and listening
  • To promote a community of practice focused on exploring new strategies, tools and methods aimed at young audiences.

Mon Mas, creator of the resource, made us think about what it is that makes us happy; What is the spark that makes us get up each day … Mon Mas made us see, with the dynamics in which we see immersed, as illustrated albums can be the perfect excuse to talk about life, death, family, what we are concerned, we are happy … and of that restless and exciting youngsters of our libraries!

In 2017, 12 libraries will be able to put into practice with the young of its municipalities the three experiences, the three Bates, created for this first year of the project. Each library participating in the project will receive a Bat per quarter, this Bat will consist of a box with the materials and albums that are necessary to carry out the session. The ideal is between 15 and 20 adolescents per session.