Community Library in Brazillian Legal Amazon






Vaga Lume (Fireflies) Association supports libraries creation and promotes cultural exchange between rural communities in Brazilian Legal Amazon.

Vaga Lume Association was born fifteen years ago and its objective is to improve book and reading access for the youth of 149 rural communities of 23 cities in Brazilian Legal Amazon, at the same time of local cultural appreciation.

This project is given by Expedition Program which has three pillars in its methodology based in the encourage of local culture: the library structure donation that includes books, bookcase and mats ; the education of community volunteers as reading mediators that includes project promotion; and yet, the promotion of community library management, its maintenance and operation.

All actions should be implemented together since they are complementary and stimulate the taste for reading in children and teenagers but also in adulthood. By the public incorporation in their daily, rural education improvement, in short and long term, is expected.

Some of the operation libraries:

Luz do Saber Library, Terra Nova Community, City of Barcelos (AM)


 Luz do Saber (Light of Knowledge) was the name chosen by local residents for the community library then called Vaga Lume and created in 2011 when the first reading mediators had their graduation. Its base was built in 2013 by the hands of Terra Nova (New Earth) Community residents and its made by wood, fenced and covered with straw, valuing its cultural elements.

Estrela da Manhã Library, Cairara Community, City of Tefé (AM)


Estrela da Manhã (Morning Star) Community Library is located next to Tefé municipal school and on the Caiambé river. It was built in wood under blockhouse and house nearly 350 books sent by Vaga Lume since 2008 when the Expedition Program reached the community.

Vaga Lume Library, Tapiíra Community, City of Barcelos (AM)


Vaga Lume Library is located on Tapiíra Community in the city of Barcelos and was created in 2006. In the beginning it took place in the community’s school classroom where reading mediations were done with the students. In 2013, with the support of all, the Library base was built where its teacher and local leader, Rosany Soares da Silva, begun to coordinate the operation with the graduated team and other volunteers.

Alberto Ribeiro – Nosso Contador de Histórias Community Library, Vista Alegre Community, City of Caracaraí (RR)


In Alberto Ribeiro Community Library the children are the truly library managers and everyday they organize plays, musical presentations and also reading mediations

Beija-Flor Library, Tracajatuba Community, City of Macapá (AP)


Beija-Flor Library is located in Tracajatuba Community in the city of Macapá and was created in 2008. Its own base was built by the community under the leadership of a teacher called Marcio. As the people begun to feel part of the project they start to to run library’s management activities. Today, they are the main responsible for library’s operation.