The A to Z of Library Advocacy


The Library A to Z has been launched in the UK and is now available  for use. The campaign is focused on free promotional and advocacy materials for use by libraries and their supporters, as well as a means of highlighting the economic and social value of libraries to decision makers to encourage continued investment. The key message highlights that modern library services are much more than buildings containing books – they provide services beyond this scope that support the development and well-being of individuals, the community and the economy.

The Library A to Z was funded by 155 generous backers, including key sponsor The Library Campaign, via a Kickstarter campaign during May 2014. We raised £4,543, which was more than twice the basic funding goal. With this money the organisers (Andrew Walsh Gary Green) commissioned freelance illustrator Josh Filhol to produce full colour images depicting the words that reflect the great work, activities and values of libraries. These illustrations are used as the basis for a range of promotional and advocacy materials including posters, cards and a full colour book. As well as the illustrated library alphabet, the book also includes quotes from library users from the Voices for the Library site and a chapter about the positive impact of libraries.
Library A to Z materials including full colour illustrations, posters, book and greeting cards are available for anyone to freely download and use for promotional and advocacy purposes here. Unless otherwise stated, these materials are available to re-use and adapt under a creative commons licence (cc by 4.0). week, 17-22 November.