Planning for Lyon


Only 88 days until the 80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly in Lyon! From now on the inviaitions and committments will begin to flow so make sure you have these dates in your diary!

Saturday 16 August 
15.15‐17.45 Public Libraries Standing Committee I  – Gratte‐Ciel 3
7pm –  Public Libraries Section Dinner (venue to be announced)

Monday 18 August
17.00‐18.00 Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award Presentation – Forum 2

Tuesday 19 August
13.15‐14.45 Public Libraries Standing Committee II – Bellecour 2

Wednesday  20 August
09.30‐12.45 Management and Marketing Section – Public Libraries Section     Less=less Less=less; Managing for greater impact  – Auditorium Pasteur.

Check the Congress website for further program inormation.