Monthly Archives: November 2013

New call for innovative projects

EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme has launched a new call for proposals – for library projects serving the needs of children and youth. This exciting opportunity is open to public and community libraries in developing and transition economy countries.   To apply, libraries must identify a local need (or needs) of children or youth, and develop a project that:

  • Is completely new for the library, or for the community
  • Uses information and communication technology in new and creative ways
  • Develops new partnerships, with agencies like government departments, civil society organizations or technology innovators.

Applicants may submit proposals for up to US$20,000. The deadline for applications is January 31 2014.   Click to find out more and to apply for a grant.

Is Yours a Green Library?

We’ve had a request from a colleague, Petra Hauke in Berlin who is preparing a paper for the BOBCATSSS Conference 29th-31th January 2014 in Barcelona, Spain

Petra is giving a paper titled  Green Libraries Coming Up! National and international initiatives fostering environmental sustainable libraries and library services and has asked us to pose a few questions:

  • Are there any national Green Library initiatives in your country, e.g. by the national library association: a working group, round table, Green Libary policies etc.? –
  • Are there any regional/local Green Library initiatives, e.g. public or academic libraries going green? Regional/local Green Library networks?
  • Are there any institutions fostering the Green Library movement – e.g. library schools teaching “The Green Library”, library conferences going green etc.?
  • Are there any Green Library’s websites, journals, networks? – Are there any other Green Library initatives?

Petra is on a tight time frame and is looking for a quick response. She can be contacted at