Facing the future: working together to improve the interreligious dialogue

IFLA Social Sciences Section invites you to participate in session, organized by RELINDIAL SIG “Facing the future: working together to improve the interreligious dialogue” on August 18th, 2021.

All over the world projects and initiatives in libraries can document the interfaith dialogue. In this way these institutions can provide inspiration for civil societies. In recent years a lot of different projects were organized by librarians in different countries and continents and an increasing number concerned the important field of the interreligious dialogue. The session of the SIG RELINDIAL during the online WLIC 2021 would like to get a focus on different types of libraries and their missions based on the topics related mainly to the aspects of tolerance, literacy, memory, history and interreligious dialogue. Also the terms of enablement, inspiration and innovation are part of the session as the presentations are dealing with these topics in the different libraries.

The following key questions can help to deepen the subjects of the planned session and are directly linked to the presentations: How can libraries as promoters enable information literacy to the field of religion and interreligious dialogue? In which way can be built up a better intercultural and interreligious sensibility in the profession and among the readers? In which way can libraries contribute in preparing historical projects and historical documents to build up a collective memory culture?
And you can find here further information about the programme, the coordinator and chair and as well about the detailed programme and the presenters

Coordinator and Session chair:
Dr. Donatus Düsterhaus MBA
Head librarian
Bibliothèque interfacultaire d’Histoire et de Théologie
Université de Fribourg

To join the session pleasу use the ifla-wlic.org