Conducting Systematic Reviews in a Limited Resourced Country

We are continuing to introduce you our speakers for the IFLA Social Sciences Libraries’ webinar Systematic Review Success: An Introductory Workshop for Librarians & Information Professionals 

Third presenter is Anna Leonard (Namibia).

Anna Leonard is a Senior Librarian: Research and Scholarly Communication and a part-time lecturer at the University of Namibia (UNAM). She is a doctoral student at the University of South Africa.

The theme of the presentation:
Conducting Systematic Reviews in a Limited Resourced Country: A Namibian Experience

Abstract: In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on evidence-based practice in healthcare and other fields. Systematic reviews play a crucial role in synthesizing existing evidence to inform policy and practice. However, conducting systematic reviews in a limited-resourced setting presents knowledge, unique experiences, and challenges. The presentation will delve into the unique obstacles encountered by researchers conducting systematic reviews in limited-resourced contexts like Namibia. Some of the challenges faced by researchers include limited skills to carry out systematic reviews, scarcity of local published grey literature, and access to information resources, databases, and systematic review tools (Covidence, Rayyan, Epp-Reviewer, etc.). Researchers need to use adaptable methods and strategies to ensure that systematic review studies from limited resources maintain quality, rigor, and credibility. Based on personal observations and experiences, the presentation will highlight different approaches and make recommendations for improving systematic reviews in Namibia and other limited-resourced countries.

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