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SSLS planning for the 2021-23

On the 10th of September, 2021, the IFLA Social Sciences Libraries Section held their Business Meeting II of (in ZOOM format).

Donatus Düsterhaus, the Convenor of the Religions: Libraries and Dialogue Special Interest Group, sponsored by the Social Science Libraries Section, presented a brief resume of the session Facing the future: working together to improve the interreligious dialogue at IFLA WLIC 2021.

Gene Hayworth, the outgoing Chair of the Section, presented a draft of the annual review, which was accepted without any comments. The Report is forwarded to the Division Chair for approval and will be published after all the procedures are passed.

Speaking about the Action Plan for the period 2021-2023 SC members agreed to continue working on the webinar session series Research Methods in Librarianship, From A- Z: designing, implementing and disseminating your researchThe series will be organized in cooperation with the LTR section and members of the IFLA Journal Editorial Board. In 2022 we are planning up to 3 events to be organized. The beginning of the series is available on our YouTube channel.

The planning for WLIC-2022 is going to be organised during the upcoming months when all the procedures become clear.

IFLA Social Science Libraries Section will start to introduce members of the Standing Committee on the pages of social media.
Follow our social media accounts on Facebook & Twitter to get to know us better!

Facing the future: working together to improve the interreligious dialogue

The session, organised by RELINDIAL – Religions: Libraries and Dialogue Special Interest Group (sponsored by the Social Science Libraries Section), was titled “Facing the future: working together to improve the interreligious dialogue” and was held on Wednesday the 18th of August. The programme – due to the concept of our SIG – fitted well into the IFLA’s sub-theme Libraries Enable.

The session was moderated by SIG’s Convenor Donatus Düsterhaus, who shared the information about RELINDIAL, its work and plans. There were three presentations by colleagues from Africa, America and Europe.

• The first presentation came from Ubong Ottong from the University of Calabar in Nigeria. Libraries as the Impetus for Religious Tolerance in Nigeria U. Ottong talked about the country of Nigeria and there was a focus on a study that examined the influence of libraries on religious tolerance in Nigeria.

The Presentation Description is available on the WLIC website for participants with the subscription, the video of the presentation is published on the event page.

• The second presentation was done by Margot Lyon who is Director of Business Development at Atla (American theological Library association). She presented ideas about Religion in the Public Square: Best Practices and Opportunities for Libraries and Religious Literacy. In her paper, she provided an overview of best practices and programs related to the broad topic of Religion in the Public Square and how these activities can frame, inspire and connect initiatives and opportunities related to religious literacy and libraries.

The full paper with Session transcript (12 pages) is available on the WLIC website for participants with the subscription.

• The third contribution came from Nada Dimitrikevic and Suzana Tanasijevic from Serbia. They talked about manuscripts of the old Serbian church. Revival of the past for the future – preservation of old Serbian church manuscripts and printed books.

The Presentation Description is available on the WLIC website for participants with the subscription.

During the Question and Answer Session, we had more than 20 participants.
The SIG RELINDIAL is planning a webinar Serie this autumn about themes related to the Interreligious dialogue in libraries in the world. For more information please follow our social media accounts on Facebook & Twitter.

“August 23, 2018: Workshop on text mining and the HathiTrust Research Center at the IFLA in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

Are you attending the IFLA 2018 World Library and Information Congress?

Join us at Dr. Abdul Latiff Library at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia) on August 23, 2018 for a day-long text mining workshop for librarians hosted by the IFLA Social Science Libraries Satellite Meeting.

This workshop will be led by instructors from the IMLS-funded project “Digging Deeper, Reaching Further: Libraries Empowering Users to Mine the HathiTrust Digital Library Resources” (DDRF). DDRF provides a workshop curriculum that teaches library and information professionals to concepts and methods in text mining and related digital scholarship methods, with a focus on the tools and data from the HathiTrust Research Center. The aims of the DDRF workshops are to empower librarians to become more conversant in digital scholarship and engage with digital projects at their institutions.

Here are some of the exciting things you can expect to learn and become familiar with during this session:

Building a corpus of texts in a HTRC Workset, and using it to conduct text analysis on your collection of works;
Gathering data through web scraping;
Cleaning data, dirty OCR, and clean OCR;
Using Python for text mining;
Topic modeling and other approaches for text analysis.
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a break for lunch. All are encouraged to attend, and no experience is necessary!

Registration here: Seating will be limited, so please register at:

Updates and room directions will be sent to registrants just prior to the event date, and you can visit for information about the workshops.

Please contact with any questions.

Understanding Your Library from the Inside Out: A Workshop in Library Ethnography for User Assessment – Social Science Libraries with Africa Section

This off-site workshop will focus on helping librarians to understand and use ethnographic research methods–long used for cultural anthropology research–to better understand their libraries, their users, and how their services and collections are used.
Lynne S. Connaway, Senior Research Scientist and Director of User Research at OCLC
Celia Emmelheinz, Anthropology and Qualitative Research Librarian at UC Berkeley. T

Presentation Format: through interactive/hands-on activities, the workshop participants will explore an “ethnographic toolkit” they can use to better understand the context in which their users engage with their library and its resources. Topics covered include learning how to ask good research questions; honing participation and observation skills; engaging patrons in research through mapping and diaries; coding and interpreting findings, and using results to spark deeper engagement with the user community. 

Workshop Location: Wroclaw University Library. ul. F. Joliot-Curie 12, 50-383 Wrocław, Poland

Registration is limited to 30 participants
***Lunch will be served.

Fostering Global Communication among Religions and Libraries: 12 August 2016, Columbus OH

The IFLA RELINDIAL SIG (Religions: Libraries and Dialogue Special Interest Group) and the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) welcome you to a timely discussion on Fostering Global Communication among Religions and Libraries. A majority of the world’s population professes to a faith tradition of their ancestors, their country or both. More than ever, we live in times calling for knowledge and respect for traditions of other people. Multiple speakers, panelists and paper presenters will discuss how religions and libraries are changing the nature of interfaith dialogue through their services and activities. Come join us on Friday 12 August to learn from all of the participants – presenters and audience – and to share your thoughts. More information about this event is available at here