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Making Libraries Visible





One aim of my engagement with  IFLA is to make the value/importance of libraries more visible. So I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate at the International Advocacy Programme (IAP).

What is IAP?  IFLA launched the International Advocacy Programme (IAP) in 2016, as a capacity-building program designed to promote and support the role libraries can play in the planning and implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The objectives of the IAP are to:

  • Raise the level of awareness on the SDGs of library workers at community, national and regional levels, and to promote the important role libraries can play in development by contributing to the UN 2030 Agenda and the SDGs;
  • Increase the participation of library associations and public library representatives in advocacy work at national and regional levels to secure sustainable public access to information through library services and programs.

You can find additional information on the IFLA website


Swiss Federal Act on Copyright and Related Rights being revised





In Switzerland the Federal Act on Copyright and Related Rights (the so called Copyright Act) is currently being revised.

The main aim of the modernization of the Copyright Act is primarily combating Internet piracy. At the same time legal regulations are adapted to the latest technological developments. The draft of the amended Copyright Act also includes the lending right which requires libraries to pay a fee for every single lending of an item to the collecting societies (public lending right/library levy/library royalties). This could become particularly life threatening for public libraries. As a result of the ongoing revision of the Copyright Act a special Task Force was established on 12 November 2015 on the initiative of the BIS – the Swiss Library Information Association. This Task Force consists of more than 40 representatives of “memory institutions” such as archives, libraries and museums as well as from education, science, technology and research – the PBZ is/are also involved. The Task Force wants that with the revised Copyright Act the interests of the above mentioned institutions will be most appropriately taken into consideration.

In December more than 600 libraries and about 600 other institutions made a written “intervention” to the government, that we don’t accept the law in this way without protest and that we will fight against. Now the government has revised the proposed law again and at least the “library royalties” is no longer a theme. The first step is done.

But in addition to the participation in the consultation on the new Copyright Act it will be crucial that the institutions involved use their networks in order to build up a strong lobby. Only on this basis will our concerns will be taken seriously by both the National Council and the Council of States when the draft bill will be passed to the two chambers of the Parliament.


Margaret Allen, candidate for PLS SC


Many of you will know Margaret Allen from the Governing Board. Margaret has decided to turn her attention to her great love, public libraries. Read her story here


Name: Margaret Allen
Institution: State Library of Western Australia
Country: Australia (Perth, Western Australia)

What experience I will bring to the role of Standing Committee
As a member of the IFLA Governing Board from 2017, I have been part of the GlobalVision project and its development. GlobalVision provides a unique opportunity for the close connection between public libraries and their communities worldwide to be recognised and strengthened within IFLA.

Public libraries are the first to recognise and respond to social, technological, cultural and economic changes in our worldwide community. From technology skills, literacy and learning and access to books and information public libraries are vital to the cohesion and health of their communities. As State Librarian of Western Australia I understand the challenges faced by public libraries in their communities from large well resourced libraries to those that are the heart of very small communities with access to limited resources. The Section provides a vital and valuable role in connecting librarians and sharing their stories of challenge and success.

As a Committee member I bring a passion and enthusiasm for public libraries, connection to the strategic leadership of IFLA, an understanding of how the public libraries and the section are at the heart of IFLA’s Global Vision and a commitment to advancing their cause on behalf of the Public Libraries Section.

Ismena Meic


Ismena Meic from Croatia is also standing for the Standing Committee. We wish her and all other nominees well


Name: Ismena Meić
Institution: Zagreb City Libraries
Country: Croatia
What experience will you bring to the role of Standing Committee Member?
As a Head of The City Library of Zagreb (central library in the network of The Zagreb City Libraries) I have a good insight in today’s public library which is changing from a traditional to modern library.
My main fields of professional interest include: library digitization, web 2.0 design and implementation, desktop publishing, exploring new media and digital arts.
First of all, my relevant interests include programs for managing knowledge and creative potential of users. I have extensive experience as an organizer and editor of the forums, which are organized by City Library in Zagreb. When considering developments in technology, Zagreb City Libraries provide a platform for interaction of prominent scientists, authors, artists and other innovative individuals with users.
New technologies are here but ways to use them and development of a self-conscious individual who will be able to decide for himself and for the well-being of the community is a main task of a new modern library.
Because of the lack of space, the priority is the construction of the new building of the City library, a central library of Zagreb City Libraries. Now, we are campaigning for the new building. The new City Library should be a new symbol of Zagreb. I hope, with my future experience I will contribute to this issue.