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Internet safety for chidren and young people

Kid computer

During the IFLA WLIC in Lyon the  Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section published the first version of Guidelines on safety, privacy and online behaviour – Social media, children and young people @ the library.

The Guidelines summarize some basic issues on savvy use of social media tools and networks and are meant for librarians, teachers, parents and other professionals working with children, but also for children and young people themselves.

Transforming lives at a personal, local and economic level

Studio 12

Studio 12

Our friends at CILIP have announced a shortlist of three outstanding library partnership projects for the Libraries Change Lives Awards.

The shortlisted projects are:

All three initiatives are inspirational and provide a great deal of food for thought.

Philanthropist and publisher William Sieghart will announce the winner of this year’s award on Saturday 20 September at CILIP’s Big Day conference in Bristol.

Creative Communities – a new Australian report

Creative Communities: the cultural benefits of Victoria’s Public Libraries is the latest addition to the growing volume of work of the economic and social value of public libraries.

Creative Communities completes a trilogy of major research reports from the State Library of Victoria (Australia) and Public Libraries Victoria Network about the breadth, depth and impact on the whole community of services offered by the modern public library.

While Libraries Building Communities (2005) and Dollars, Sense and Public Libraries (2011) focussed on the social contribution and economic value of public libraries, Creative Communities focusses on the cultural benefits that public libraries deliver to their communities.

The report highlights the important (and often under recognised) range of activities undertaken by Victoria’s public libraries that produce specifically cultural benefits, which community members may not otherwise access.

The Public Libraries Section website provides some useful links to a wide range of studies on the value of public libraries worldwide. We welcome additional links and information.

Carnegie Library Lab


The Carnegie Trust has recently announced that applications are open for Carnegie Library Lab – the Trust’s new programme of work aimed at enhancing innovation and leadership in public libraries.

Carnegie Library Lab is a new program designed to support and develop innovation and leadership in the public library sector and will run for three years from 2014-2017. The Trust believe that the challenges faced by public libraries today provide an opportunity to think creatively about their role and potential. The program is aimed at staff in the early or middle stage of their career.

While the geographical spread of this project is limited to the United Kingdom and Ireland what a great idea to emulate!

EIFL Public Library Innovation Award 7


EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) is inviting applications for their new innovation award – for Public libraries contributing to education of children and adults.

• This call is open to public and community libraries in developing and transition countries.
• The prize is US$1,500 plus wide publicity through EIFL’s global communication channels and networks.
• The deadline for submitting applications is October 11, 2014.
• Applications will be accepted in English, French, Russian and Spanish.
• Read more about the EIFL Public Library Innovation Award and how to apply.
This is the seventh award in the exciting series of EIFL Public Library Innovation Awards. There will be more than one winner – the final number will depend on the quality of applications.