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Honesty in Helsinki IFLA 2012

Just as I began my 23rd IFLA Conference I lost my purse on the Tram in the evening. My husband and I checked with our hotel reception to find out what could be done. We filed a report with the city “lost and found” and also filled out an online report. Each new day I checked with hotel reception, they had called my loss into the lost and found, and also checked with the Information Desk in the conference center.

Each day I received the same answer, “nothing had been found.” Yesterday when I arrived at the hotel after a very long conference day, my husband was waiting outside. He took a picture of me returning. My camera was in my lost purse!



My camera, an extra battery, (conference pictures I had already taken), 160euros, and IFLA papers, along with my hotel room #⃣ and key were all returned without any missing pieces. My thanks to whomever found my purse and my thanks to Helsinki…another memorable IFLA Conference.