Social Science Libraries Standing Committee has 14 of 15 committee members at 1st meeting at IFLA Helsinki

The 1st Standing Committee Meeting of the Social Science Libraries was held this morning, Saturday 11 August 2011 at 9.45 – 12.15 hrs. There were 14 of 15 section committee members present along with two observers.

Chair, Liz Cooper opened the meeting with a warm welcome and asked for introductions from each attendee. The agenda was adopted and minutes from the two meetings held in Puerto Rico  in 2011 were accepted without change.

Reports from the Division Leadership, Professional Committee, and Treasurer were followed by discussion of the SSLC program for Helsinki 2012.

The focus then shifted to Odile Dupont, Convenor for the new SSLC sponsored SIG (Special Interest Group) RELINDIAL (Religions in Dialogue) for a report on the newly formed group. Progress continues with more contacts and diversity in the membership as well as new avenues to explore future projects for the SIG.

The Committee is also exploring possibilities for promoting the SIG in future WLIC meetings, including a satellite conference. The report was received with great enthusiasm and discussion.

The second meeting of the Committee will be Tuesday, 14 August, 16.45 – 18.00 hrs. In Room 206. Observers are welcome and are encouraged to participate.