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Aliens will become Noncitizens (LCSH)

All over the world people leave their homes due to politics, war or economical problems.  Library of Congress has revised the subject headings Aliens and Illegal aliens. The message below is from the American Library Association (ALA), Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS), Subject Analysis Committee (SAC).

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Subject: [camms-sac] LC to cancel subject heading “Illegal aliens”

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In response to constituent requests, the Policy and Standards Division of the Library of Congress, which maintains Library of Congress Subject Headings, has investigated the possibility of cancelling or revising the heading Illegal aliens. PSD also explored the possibility of revising the broader term Aliens. It concluded that the meaning of Aliens is often misunderstood and should be revised to Noncitizens, and that the phrase illegal aliens has become pejorative. The heading Illegal aliens will therefore be cancelled and replaced by two headings, Noncitizens and Unauthorized immigration, which may be assigned together to describe resources about people who illegally reside in a country.

Other headings that include the word aliens or the phrase illegal aliens (e.g., Church work with aliens; Children of illegal aliens) will also be revised. All of the revisions will appear on a Tentative List and be approved no earlier than May 2016; the revision of existing bibliographic records will commence shortly thereafter.

For background on the history and purpose of the headings Aliens and Illegal aliens, the rationale for the revisions to LCSH, and a description of the scope of the project, please see the full announcement on the LC website at

Questions or comments on these revisions may be directed to Libby Dechman ( in the Policy and Standards Division.

Janis L. Young

Policy and Standards Division

Library of Congress

Call for papers – WLIC 2016 Open Session

The theme for the Classification & Indexing Section’s Open Session at WLIC 2016 is:

“Reclaiming subject access to indigenous knowledge”

The Classification & Indexing Section will be hosting an open session during the 2016 conference in Columbus, Ohio. We are seeking papers that highlight innovative and effective ways of applying subject access to indigenous knowledge. The challenges involved affect not only libraries, but also archives, museums and other cultural institutions.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Specialized metadata systems and bibliographic data
  • Ontologies and schemas
  • Obstacles to reliable subject access
  • Socio-political considerations in subject access
  • Applications of linked open data and the semantic web
  • Structuring subject access to reflect indigenous cultures
  • Memory, identity and choices of vocabulary

Deadline for submitting an abstract is 12 February.

More information is available at the  WLIC 2016 website

The Classification & Indexing Section Open Session in Cape Town 2015

The Classification & Indexing Section has an interesting Open Session programme in Cape Town. – Dynamic Subject Access: Evolution and Transformation.
The session (148) will take place from 16:00-18:00 on August 18th in Auditorium 2 of the conference centre and will be chaired by Harriet Aagaard. Papers to be presented:

1. Keynote: Managing Derived Entities – Thom Hickey (OCLC, United States)

2. The Next Step – Makeover from Accessible Collections to Attractive Collections – Malarvele Ilangovan (National Library Board, Singapore, Singapore)

3. Facilitating Access to Cultural Content in Czechia: INTERMI Project and National Authority Files – Marie Balikova (National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic)

4. Subject Metadata Development and Awareness for Digital Resources in University of Uyo Library, Nigeria – Eno J. Ottong (University of Uyo, Nigeria)

Presented papers are available at IFLA library. You find the original papers in English, as well as translations into Spanish. Marie Balikova’s paper is also translated into Russian. We hope to get all papers translated into French in time for the congress.

Program for IFLA WLIC 2015

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Call for papers – IFLA 2015 in Cape Town

The theme for the Classification & Indexing Section’s Open Session at WLIC 2015 is:

“Dynamic Subject Access: Evolution and Transformation?”

The Classification & Indexing Sections will be organizing an open session during the 2015 conference in Cape Town. We are seeking papers addressing new and interesting ways of supplying subject access. Subject access tools and services are not limited to libraries only: important developments are (also) happening elsewhere. We would like to explore novel ways of exposing library subject metadata to other communities and, on the other hand, libraries using subject access tools developed by others. Topics include:

  • big data & subject access
  • use and reuse of subject metadata and tools
  • the chain of supply in the creation of subject metadata
  • providing form/genre access in addition to subject access

All proposals must be in by 6 February 2015.
More information is found on the WLIC 2015 website for the Classification & Indexing Section’s

Call for Papers for the Open Session in Cape Town 2015.


Free access to selected articles from Cataloging & Classification Quarterly until 31 October

There is still time to  read a selection of articles on RDA, Bibframe, Linked data, BISAC etc from the Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. The articles will be free until 31 October.

The September issue is about RDA, RDA around the world, available for subscribers. Guest editors: Marie-France Plassard and Gordon Dunsire.




Classification & Indexing Section Newsletter June 2013

The Classification & Indexing Newsletter June 2014 is now available from the C&I website.  Contents include information about WLIC 2014 in Lyon, the FRBR review group, the IFLA Namespaces Technical Group, news and updates from UDC, DDC and from libraries around the world