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Extended deadline for proposals to the WLIC 2020 Open Session about AI

The Analysis and Access Section will together with the Knowledge Mangegement Section host an open session at WLIC  2020 in Dublin about AI & machine learning.

We have decided to extend the deadline for subissions to March 15 to get more proposals.


We hope to get more proposals that describe what is happening and not just plans about the future. AI will be part of the future in Libraries, but there is also things happening right now.

Call for papers


Two heads with neurological network

Author: geralt (


ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 23-28 January 2020

The American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting and Conference took place in Philadelphia at the end of January. The weather was quite mild, especially compared to the last time the meeting was in Philadelphia when we had major snowfall.

As usual, I had a very full agenda. I represented the Cataloging in Publication Program at the LOC Pavilion in the exhibit hall. I also volunteered an hour at the IFLA Booth, where I had the chance to chat with Helen Mandl, Deputy Secretary General of IFLA. Our mission at the IFLA booth was to inform ALA attendees about the next IFLA WLIC in Dublin, Ireland, to promote the Library Map of the World, and to encourage libraries in the United States to submit Sustainable Development Goal Stories.

Helen Mandl and Caroline Saccucci in front of a poster of Librrary Map of the World

Helen Mandl and Caroline Saccucci at the IFLA booth


One of the most interesting sessions I attended, especially relevant to IFLA SC SAA, was a series of presentations on ethics in cataloging, particularly in the choice of subject headings assigned to a work. I attended some interesting meetings about transliteration and non-Latin scripts in bibliographic records. I also attended the LC BIBFRAME Update meeting to learn more about the LD4P2 Project. The ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee (SAC) met twice, Sunday morning and Monday afternoon, and as the LC Dewey Program Liaison to SAC, I attend those meetings as much as possible, although I was unable to attend the Sunday morning meeting due to a schedule conflict. The majority of the meetings focused on reports of the various subcommittees and reports from liaisons, such as the liaison from the Music Library Association and the American Law Library Association.

Dewey-related reports were on the Monday afternoon agenda. Violet Fox, OCLC Dewey Editor, gave the OCLC Dewey report, and I gave the report of the LC Dewey Program. Outgoing ALA appointee to the Dewey Editorial Policy Committee Deborah Rose-Lefmann gave her final report to SAC on EPC Meeting 142 held at the Library of Congress in September 2019. Daniel Joudrey, Ph.D., Professor in the School of Library and Information Science, Simmons University, and a current member of SAC, is the new ALA-appointee to EPC. Usually there is a program as part of the Monday afternoon SAC meeting, but no program was scheduled for this conference.

This was probably the last ALA Midwinter meeting that I will attend because ALA is changing the format of this conference. The Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), the division in ALA with cataloging standards committees including SAC, has already determined that it will not meet at ALA Midwinter 2021. I guess the next time I visit Philly will be just for fun. It’s a good thing I had a Philly cheesesteak this time!

Caroline Saccucci.
CIP and Dewey Program Manager
Library of Congress

Cynthia Whitacre and Caroline Saccucci at ALA Midwinter 2020

Cynthia Whitacre, Senior Metadata Operations Manager at OCLC and Carolince Saccucci in front of the Library of Congress “Ceremonial Office” at the LOC Pavilion in the exhibit hall.

Subject Analysis and Access Section – new and outgoing members

2019 was an election year, and for the first time – at least to our knowledge – we had too many people wanting to join us and IFLA institutional members had to vote for two candidates.

Photo of IFLA Subject Analysis and Access Section

From left: Jane Makke, Sally McCallum, Caroline Saccucci, Athena Salaba, Rehab Ouf, Harriet Aagaard, Drahomira Cupar (in front), Andreas Kempf, Elise Conradi, Aida Slavic, Ana Stevanovic, Chris Oliver, George Prager, Ulrike Junger.
Missing: Rosali Fenandez de Souza, Stanoslav Golubtsov, Jinxia Huang, Seung Jeong Kim,  Jean Maury, Maria Stegaeva

Outgoing members 2019: John DeSantis, Mauro Guerrini and Elena Zagorskaya

On the photo below  you also find our outgoing chair John DeSantis. From 2019 he is a new member of the Bibliography Section. The new chair of our section is Athena Salaba.

Photo of IFLA Subject Analysis and Access Section with otgoing chair John DeSantis

WLIC 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Subject Analysis and Access Section had a successfull meeting at WLIC 2018 in Kuala Lumpur. Our open session on Automatic indexeing was attended by 110 persons. The papers are available at the IFLA Library. We also plan to publish their presentation slides.

  1. JUNGER, Ulrike Automation first – the subject cataloguing policy of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
  2. GOH, Rachael Using Named Entity Recognition for Automatic Indexing
  3. GHORBANI, Mahboubeh and TORKASHVAND, Fattaneh Lessons learned from Automatic Indexing Projects regarding to Persian Language Specifications
  4. BRYGFJELD, Svein Arne and WETJEN, Freddy and WALSØE, André Machine learning for production of Dewey Decimal
  5. HLAVA, Marjorie M. K. and RUSSELL, Judith C. and HANSEN, David “Win” Inverting the Library Cataloguing Process to Streamline Technical Services and Significantly Increase Discoverability and Search for Special Collections




From left to right: Jane Makke, Caroline Saccuci, Athena Salaba, John DeSantis, George Prager, Harriet Aagaard, Rehab Ouf, Elise Conradi, Sally McCallum, Jean Maury, Andreas Kempf, Chris Oliver, Ulrike Junger.


Subject Analysis and Access Section membership profiles

Photo of Athena Salaba, chair of the IFLA subject Analysis and Access Section

Athena Salaba

Member since 2017

Professor,  School of Information, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA

Work/ research experience: Cataloging & metadata, Knowledge organization systems (KOS), Conceptual modeling of bibliographic data

Areas of special interest: Subject access to information, User experience & user interaction with KOS, and bibliographic information

Email: asalaba @
Personal web:


Photo of Elise conradi, secretary of the Subject Analysis and Access SectionElise Conradi

Member since 2013

Head of Bibliographic Services

Biblioteksentralen AL
Oslo, Norway

Work/ research experience: Knowledge organization systems, Authority files (for works, persons, subjects), Linked Data

Areas of special interest: Open structured data (for example Linked Open Data), LRM, Machine Learning, Subject Access, Readers’ Advisory, Good books

Email: elise.conradi @


Harriet AagaardPhoto of Harriet Aagaard, information coordinator of the Subject Analysis and Access section

Member since 2013

Senior librarian/Classification expert

National Library of Sweden, Meta Data and Systems Support Departement

Stockholm, Sweden

Work/ research experience: Classification and Subject headings, Subject Access for librarians, for end users, Linked data

Areas of special interest: Dewey Decimal Classification, Classification systems, Linked Data, Transition from Marc21 to Linked Data, Bibframe, Automatic Indexing

Email: harriet.aagaard @


Photo of EduardoCivalleroEdgardo Civallero

Corresponding member since 2017

Library Director, Charles Darwin Research Station

Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


Work/ research experience: :  Consultant member of the Revision Advisory Committee of the Universal Decimal Classification Consortium (2004-2010), associate editor and assistant editor (2010- 2012), and editor and translator of the UDC Summary (2012-).

Areas of special interest: Biases in classification schemes, classification and indigenous knowledge.

Personal web:


Judy Jeng

ALA/ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee liaison since 2019

Community Representative

Digital Public Library of America, USA

Work/ research experience: Librarian at various universities, Faculty at various library schools, evaluation consultant of digital library

Areas of special interest: Cataloging and classification, digital library, usability evaluation.




Photo of Andreas Oskar KempfAndreas Oskar Kempf

Member since 2017

Research assistant

German National Library of Economics / Leibniz Information Centre for Economics. academic services

Hamburg, Germany

Work/ research experience: Development and management of knowledge organization systems (thesauri, classifications)

Areas of special interest: i) interoperability of KOS (mappings), ii) automatic indexing, iii) KOS for access to research data

Email: a.kempf @
Personal web:


Photo of Seung Jeong KimSeung Jeong Kim

Member since 2017


National Library of Korea, Bibliographic Control Division

Seoul, South Korea

Work/ research experience: Bibliographic Control

Areas of special interest: Bibframe

Email: Sjkim72 @

Photo of Jane MakkeJane Makke

Member since 2017

Metadata coordinator

National Library of Estonia

Tallin, Estonia

Work/ research experience: Cataloguing standards; Authority control; training; RDA; FRBR

Areas of special interest: Cataloguing standards; Automation of workflows; Data quality; Usability of library metadata

Email: jane.makke @


Photo of Chris OliverChris Oliver

Member since 2013

Head, Resource Description and Metadata Services, University of Ottawa Library

Resource Description and Metadata Services, University of Ottawa Library

Ottawa, Canada

Work/ research experience: Bibliographic conceptual models; implementation of models in cataloguing standards; RDA, Resource Description and Access; multilingual subject access; description, access and thesauri in bilingual user communities

Email: christine.oliver @


Photo of George PragerGeorge Prager

Member since 2013

Head of Cataloging.

New York University Law School Library

New York, NY, USA

Work/ research experience:  Law cataloging, working with colleagues to revise and update Library of Congress legal subject headings and classification, especially law of indigenous peoples; RDA; Guidelines for use of relationship designators (bibliographic and authority), trainer and/or reviewer for Program for Cooperative Cataloging for name and series authority records, as well as U.S. national level bibliographic records for monographs, serials, and integrating resources

Areas of special interest: Genre/form, Issues regarding law cataloging; training and standards for cataloging

Email: pragerg @


Caroline Saccucci

Member since 2017

CIP anc Dewey Program Manager

Library of Congress, U.S. Programs, Law, and Literature Division

Washington, D.C. USA

Work/ research experience: Working with pre-publication metadata

Areas of special interest: ONIX metadata, Mappings, Classification, CIP

email: csus @
Personal web:


Photo of Maria StegaevaMaria Stegaeva

Member since 2017

Deputy Head, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D

Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. Department of the Formation and Processing of Information Resources

St. Petersburg, Russia

Work/ research experience:  1996-2010 National Library of Russia, Processing & Cataloguing Department, Senior Researcher
• participation in the development of Russian exchange formats for bibliographic and authority data (RUSMARC), co-author of Russian Cataloguing Rules, cataloging all types of resources, participation in projects on corporate cataloguing, development of courses of lectures and seminars on machine-readable cataloging, development of guidelines for authority files and authority control 2003-2010 Higher Library Courses, National Library of Russia, Senior Lecturer
• cataloging all types of resources, authority files, and authority control
2003- present – St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, Library and Information Faculty, Senior Lecturer, since 2017 – Associate Professor
• computer library and information technology, linguistic support of library technologies
2010- present – Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, Department of the Formation and Processing of Information Resources, Deputy Head
• theoretical and practical issues of creating integrated digital resources and collections, subject access to digital content, coordination and standardization in the area of the digital libraries

Areas of special interest: Modern trends in theory and practice of indexing: enhancing subject access in digital libraries; strategy and policy for building digital collections; FR family of conceptual models (FRBR, FRAD, FRSAD) and consolidated FRBR-LRM model in library catalogues; National Subject Authority File development and maintenance; development of linguistic instruments for information retrieval in OPAC; Semantic Web technologies in libraries

Email: stegaeva @


Photo of Ana StevanovícAna  Stevanović

Member since 2013

Librarian for catalogisation and classification

National Library of Serbia, Department of Serial Publication. Section for Component Parts Analysis

Belgrade, Serbia

Work/ research experience:  From 2007-2011 I worked as a gymnasium teacher. Since 2011 I am working at the National Library of Serbia. Also, I am a Phd candidate at the Philological Faculty of Belgrade University – Department for Serbian Literature.

Areas of special interest: Subject analysis and classification. Genre/form.

Email: ana.stevanovic @



Subject Analysis and Access Section – new and outgoing members

Section members and outgoing members present at WLIC 2017

At WLIC 2017 in Wrocław, Poland, we had both the sad task of saying good bye to outgoing members and the happy task of welcoming new members.

Outgoing members:
Maja Žumer, Sandy Roe, Lynn Howarth, Tiiu Tarkpea, Min Young Hwang, Ekaterina Zaytseva

We have a new chair: John DeSantis and a new secretary: Elise Conradi

New members:
Athena Salaba, Caroline Saccucci, Andreas Kempf, Junxia Huang, Jane Makke, Rosali Fernadez de Souza, Seung Jeong Kim, Jean Maury, Maira Stegaeva

Continuing members:
Harriet Aagaard, Mauro Guerrini, Sally McCallum, Christine Oliver, Rehab Ouf, George Prager, Aida Slavic, Ana Stevanovic, Elena Zagorskaya

IFLA Section Subject Analysis and Access (former name: Classification & Indexing)

SAAC 2016_L


Photo from our meeting in Columbus, Ohio at WLIC 2016. (From the left: Lynn Howarth, George Prager, Chris Oliver, Sally McCallum, John DeSantis, Rehab Ouf, Tiiu Tarkpea, Sandy Roe, Elise Conradi, Maja Žumer, Ulrike Junger and Harriet Aagaard. Not present: Mauro Guerrini, Aida Slavic, Ana Stevanovic, Min Young Hwang,  Elena Zagorskaya and Ekaterina Zaytseva.)


The Classification & Indexing Section has changed its name to the Subject Analysis and Access Section. We wanted to have a name that more focused on the use of subject metadata. ” …In addition to the end-user focus (“Access”) we also include the role of the professional. “Analysis” refers to the work and thought that goes into determining “aboutness” (or “determining what a document is about”) and then creating subject access – be it assigning classification or headings, developing thesauri, or devising tools and other automatic ways to achieve subject access…” Read the full article about the name change in the June 2016 Metadata Newsletter, pp 21-23.

The name change is still not visible at our Section’s web, but will be corrected by IFLA .